Welcome to Greg Baker Safety.


Greg Baker is a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) with over 29 years of industry experience, all in environmental health and safety (EHS) management and consulting.Greg Baker conducts indoor air quality studies, and mold and bacteria assessments related to water losses including major insurance claims. He performs surveys and designs for regulated building materials including asbestos, PCBs, lead and other toxic metals and hazardous substances. Greg spends approximately 20% of his time working for law firms, adjusters and insurance companies providing expert services in these areas. His current business relationships allow him to quickly mobilize, deploy and lead a technical team of ten or more moisture technicians and remediation project managers to any site in the US damaged by large floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, catastrophic building systems failures or other disasters. If needed, he can include architects and engineers in a response team. Greg is also available for international disaster responses, and he is willing to be deployed for months at a time.

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